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Let us introduce ourselves.  We are passionate runners of all abilities.   

We  want to support and encourage you in whatever your fitness or athletic goal..  


Michelle Leduc

Coach & Manager

I believe that there is no such thing a "just running a distance".  Every running/walking goal is a worthy goal, whether if it is walking around block, a 5 km jog or a completing a marathon.

I am a bit of a movement, physiology and anatomy geek. I love to learn and I have or am working toward the following certifications:

  • Run, Jump Throw - Certified Instructor, NCCP

  • Sports Coach – In Training, NCCP

  • UESCA Certified Running Coach and Ultrarunning Coach

Of course, I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with others to help them on their fitness goals. 


I grew up in Finch, ON and have lived in Russell, ON since 2002.  Outside of the club, I work locally as Register Massage Therapist.

My Running Story

I love to run a lot and far.  100 milers is my jam.  I have competed on many terrains - road, trails, mountains and even on a 400 m track. 

With Covid putting a damper on racing in 2020, I discovered Fastest Known Times - unsupported is my favourite.  There is nothing like donning a pair sneakers and carrying all your supplies for a nice long solo adventure.

One of my notable achievements was breaking the Canadian 100 mile record in 2017 (which I held for 4 years).  I am proud of it not because of the title but because I achieved a goal that I never would have dreamed of when I started running way back in 1996. We all started at mile zero at some point.  

What's your story?

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Do you think you will be a fit with our team?

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