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Russell Run Club's Weekly Run-Down June 16, 2024

This week with the Russell Run Club involves a track workout with bellies full of carbonated beverages, a new fashion trend and a story of accepting a new focus on a running.

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This Week in Images

Member Profiles & Stories

Hanging out and socializing post parkrun.

Club News

The Beer Mile Dress Rehearsal

This past Friday a few of our members grabbed a couple of cases of Bubly and a stack of SOLO cups and headed to the track to practice the upcoming Beer Mile. It was a fun hour of attempting to chug a carbonated beverage and sprint with a belly full of fluids. Needless to say, there was a lot of belching and laughter.

Our first (and hopefully not last) Beer Mile is on Saturday, June 29th at the Summers Spirits Fesitval in Rockland, ON. For more information and to register go to:

Russell Run Club Swag

Have you seen our members sporting some cool looking Russell Run Club clothing?

If you want in on this new fashion trend, stay tuned. We will be doing another order in the early fall.

This Week in Images

Member Profile and Stories

Blog: A Journey to a New Focus on Running

One of the challenges of some runners experience is the comparison to a fitter, younger self. It can lead to frustration when trying to nail workouts, achieve personal bests or even winning races. Coach Michelle was not immune to this. In her latest blog, she writes about the challenges she has experienced with a change in lifestyle and the inevitable reality of aging and how it impacted her running. A few conversations with her personal trainer made her realized that she is now finding joy in the new running community she is trying to build.

Check it out:

Member Profiles

Do you have a story to tell or want us to learn a little more about yourself and running/fitness journey? We are looking for members to be profiled in upcoming newsletters and our blog page. Sharing your story can be a great source of motivation for others.

If your are interested reach out to us 

We want you!

This Weeks Schedule

We meet at various times and locations throughout the week for a run, walk or workout.

If you are new to these events please fill out our waiver and select two-week trial. We hope you enjoy it and meeting our awesome members.

NOTE: For parkrun go to to register. You only have to do it once. Remember to bring your barcode or put a snapshot of it on your phone

Group Runs

Trail Runs in Larose Forest

Track Thursday

New York Central Fitness Trail parkrun

Walking Club


Upcoming Events

24-Hour Yeti Challenge

Saturday, June 22, 2024

Duration: 24 hours

Location: Casselman, ON (exact location to be provided if interested)

Structure: Eight rounds (3 hours each) within the 24-hour period. Every three hours, a new round begins. Participants must cover the distance they’ve set as their goal within each three-hour window. This distance includes any rest time. Each participant set their own goal! But he hopes that everyone is willing to set a goal that is challenging for them. ·

Challenge Completion: To complete the full 24-hour challenge, participants should aim to participate in all 8 rounds. However, this is meant to be a fun and a family-friendly challenge! Each participant can participate in as many or as few rounds as they wish during the 24h period.

8 rounds of 3 hours each, $3/round with all proceeds donated to CHEO.

For all the details, reach out to club member Paul Lalonde via Facebook private message or email and we'll put you in touch with Paul.

The Beer Mile

June 29, 2024 at the Clarence Rockland Summer Spirits festival 

Drink a beer, run/walk/jog (or crawl) around a 1/4 mile track and then repeat, 3 more times!

There is a non-alcoholic option, for those who would rather not drink beer. Or perhaps you would prefer to share those laps and beers with others by entering the team relay.

Get more information and register here:

Le sentier de l'espoir trail race

July 20, 2024 at Rigaud Municipal Park, 15 Rue du Boisé des Franciscaines Rigaud, QC

Run through a nature reserve and raise money for the Sacré-Coeur Hospital of Montreal. Distances of 1km, 6km, 10km, 20km, and 40km available with events starting between 8:30 am and 11:00 am.


If you want to get all the updates real time, follow us on Social Media or sign up for weekly emails.

Join the Russell Run Club Community Facebook Group to see what’s happening with our Members

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