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Women's Race

Join Us

Membership allows you be be part of a group of people who enjoy all forms of running.  All ages and abilities welcome.

Russell Run Club Membership Benefits

Meet other runners 

Learn from experienced runners

Group Runs (Start to be Confirmed)

Track Session (for small fee)

Access to Members Facebook Page or emails

Membership with Athletics Ontario (non-competitive)

Coverage by Club Insurance


We are always growing and evolving, and we are constantly working to give you even more value for your membership.

Membership Fees*

$40.00 (incl. HST) for Individuals 18+

$31.00 (incl. HST) for youth 12 to 18

$15.00 (incl. HST) for children 12 & under

If you are planning on participating in a clinic - this is included in the clinic fees

*Membership term is January 1 to December 31.

You are welcome to join anytime throughout the year but please note membership cannot be pro-rated


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