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Our Mission

  • To promote running as a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally.

  • To serve as a network for socializing and a forum for discussing matters affecting the interest of runners. 

  • To create a running community accessible to groups of all ages and abilities in the Township of Russell and surrounding areas.

  • To identify and skillfully develop each member's potential, inspiring them to be great and achieve incredible things.


Our Vision

To build running communities that support members to pursue their goals and achieve their full potential, while showcasing their town and citizens through running programs and events.

*RRC uses the term “running” as a catch-all word that encompasses the broad spectrum of “running” including competitive running, jogging, fitness walking, race walking and wheelchair fitness on roads, trails and tracks.


To enable us to further our mission and vision, we may engage in the following activities:

•    Participate in community activities to publicize the benefits of running as a means of physical fitness and cooperate with other organizations with a similar goal and purpose.

•    Promote competitive and recreational running for all levels of ability and for all distances.

•    Train, coach and educate the public in techniques of running, running schedules and in matters relating to the health of runners.

•    Organize and promote recreational runs and competitive races at all distances.

•    Organize fun runs and social functions for runners.

•    Form teams of all ages and abilities to participate in competitive and recreational races.

•    Produce a newsletter, social media channels and other educational material concerning athletics to be distributed amongst members and the public.

•    Present awards and engage in other activities that encourage running

Our Values

As we strive to carry out our mission and realize our vision, it is important that we have strong values to guide us in our actions and represent our organization in a positive manner.



There is no such thing as "just" running a distance. Achievements come in many forms.  They should always be applauded and rewarded.


Support & Encouragement

Running can be tough - not just physically. Sometimes just getting out the door is hard - one can feel vulnerable, nervous, exposed, or self-conscious. We help you get through it because we all started out at zero- kilometers. 


Inclusivity & Diversity

We are:

  • Runners, joggers and walkers;

  • Youth, adults and seniors;

  • Parents, students, professionals, retirees;

  • Back of the packers, competitive runners, those that want to challenge themselves, those that just want to hangout.

We all have a place in this community



Running should be fun - most of the time. There are days when you have a brutal interval workout or are slugging through some miserable weather. We'll make it more enjoyable.  That's how you have success and longevity in the sport. 


Integrity, Leadership & Trust

We are an affiliated club under Athletics Ontario.  Our coaches are trained and certified, and our volunteers are security cleared to ensure our members are safe.  We have by-laws and policies to ensure we do what is right, ethical and honest.  


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