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Every runner starts at zero. No one runs a marathon on their first day. The same goes for races, which often begin with a simple idea: a group of people seeking a challenge. When the founder of the Russell Run Club is an accomplished ultramarathoner who holds the Fastest Known Times on three railroad trails in Eastern Ontario, you know you're in for a cool event.


We're hosting a 72 km relay across the Prescott-Russell Recreational Trail, and we want you to be part of it.

Will this be a yearly event? The start of something bigger? Or evolve into something completely different? That's up to you. The Russell Run Club has been in discussions with the Prescott-Russell Trail about potential running opportunities. We dream of bringing an ultra event to this area, showcasing the beautiful trail and the vibrant communities and businesses along it. This year, we're testing its potential with this relay.

It's a simple, no-frills event. We start in St. Eugene and make our way along the trail towards Hammond, with exchanges at various pavilions or parking lots. The lengths of each leg vary to make the event accessible for all abilities. Our volunteers provide support, aid and nutrition along the way, but teams need to provide their own transportation and specific supplies to keep costs down. We celebrate at the end at a local brewery and share stories and bounce ideas off for the next time.  


Come be part of this exciting journey and help shape the future of the Prescott-Russell Ultra (or what ever cool name we come up with)!

Click the image below to download a map of the trail.


The Details

(Subject to Change depending on interest)

Saturday, October 5, 2024

8:00 AM


St. Eugene Pavilion, St. Eugene, ON


Team of 2 to 6 

Route & Legs

The exact route and legs are to be determined

Leg length between 5 and 19 km


Estimated $100 to 120 / Team Member

Post Run Celebration

Location to be determined

Does this spark your interest?

Check out this awesome footage of the Prescott-Russell Recreational Trail and the surrounding tourist locations.

Still need more inspiration? Here is an article about a railroad ultra in Ottawa, KS with some great stories. 

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