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Russell Run Club's Weekly Run-Down (May 19, 2024)

While our runners are enjoying another week or two of relaxation, our walkers are gearing up for an active and social summer. Check out what is coming down the trail.

In This Issue

Post run glow at our weekly Tuesday Evening Group Run.


Club News

Walk with Us

After the community's enthusiastic response to our survey, the walking club is finally here!

We have a new group of volunteers to help lead our walking group every Monday at 6:30 PM. A late morning/early day walk is still being organized.

The program will be held from May 20th to Monday August 26th, 2024. After which we will reassess continuing the program.

We will meet at the Russell Park & Ride Parking lot at the end of First Street in Russell Ontario

Just south of Mother Teresa Catholic School (

The route is simple - a 20 to 30 minute out and back on the trail. We will adjust to your fitness levels.

Get more information and a link to register here. (Note: Existing run club members do not need to register to participate in the Walking Club.)

Need more inspiration? Check out our latest blog post.



Fort Town Night Run

Congratulations to Crystal Mackinnon and her 3rd place age group finish at the Fort Town Night Run 15km with a time of 1:26:56.


This Weeks Schedule

We meet at various times and locations throughout the week for a run, walk or workout.

If you are new to these events please fill out our waiver and select two-week trail. We hope you enjoy it and meeting our awesome members.

NOTE: For parkrun go to to register. You only have to do it once. Remember to bring your barcode or put a snapshot of it on your phone

Group Runs

Trail Runs in Larose Forest

Track Thursday

New York Central Fitness Trail parkrun

Walking Club

Upcoming Events

RiverOak Roughneck Mud & Obstacle Run

June 1, 2024


If you want to get all the updates real time, follow us on Social Media or sign up for weekly emails.

Join the Russell Run Club Community Facebook Group to see what’s happening with our Members

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