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Open to those 12+ years of age. (please contact us if under 12 years and interested)


Learn (or Return) to Run / 5 km

May 7  to  July 24, 2024

(12 Weeks)

Level: Beginners, former runners and runners returning from injury

Prerequisites: A pair of sneakers, a watch/timer, and a desire to improve your overall health and be active. In terms of fitness, for the LTR/5km, ideally you must be able to walk 3km/30min easily.

Goal: Run 30 minutes or 5 km continuously or with a run/walk interval of 10:1 minutes.  Improve 5 km time.

Target Race/Run: Summer 5 km race/run


10 km

May 7  to  July 24, 2024

(12 Weeks)

Levels: Graduates of the LTR program, intermediate runners

Prerequisites: Able to run for 20 to 30 minutes.

Goal: Complete 10 km run. Improve 10 km time

Target Race/Run: Summer 10 km race/run


1/2 Marathon

May 7  to  September 18, 2024

(20 Weeks)

Level: Graduate of the 10 km program & experience runners

Prerequisites: Ability to run for 45 minutes or 8 km

Goal: Complete 1/2 marathon or marathon. Improve time.

Target Race/Run: Army Run


Summer Maintenance

May 7  to  August 20, 2024

(20 Weeks)

Level: Graduates of the any of the previous programs. Runners of all experience

Prerequisites: Ability to run for 20 to 30 minutes, with or without walk breaks

Goal: Build a base for future training, maintain fitness and be accountable.

Marathon and Other Goals/Distances

For those requiring more personalized training contact Michelle for one-on-one or hybrid group training.

The Details

Tuesday Evenings @ Russell, ON

Starting May 7, 2024

6:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Russell Park & Ride Parking Lot at north end of First Avenue

(south of Mother Teresa Catholic School)

Training Programs & Communications

Group training plan will be provided by email (or Final Surgeand released in two-week blocks that will allow for 3-5 training days.

Plans may be adjusted based on Athlete Intake form, where athlete outlines experience, goals and training limitation. 

Coaching is a Two-Way Street

We find that those who reflect on their training and provide written feedback to the coaches tend to be more successful in reaching their goals. Training plans can be adjusted depending how you progress. We allow for 1x/week feedback and adjustments. However coaches are reachable for questions at any time. 

A Facebook group will be created as a place to share information and ask questions

(Alternatives available for those not on Facebook).

We also have other opportunities for training such as:

Sunday Group Runs, Saturday morning parkrun, Tempo/Track workouts (Thursday) and other opportunities during the week.



Coaching provided by Michelle Leduc

Fees *

Learn or (Return to Run) (12 weeks): 

Adults:  $95.00

U18: $75.00

10 km (12 weeks): 

Adults:  $120.00

U18: $100.00

1/2 Marathon (20 weeks): 

Adults:  $300.00

Summer Maintenance Program (16 weeks)

Adults $160.00

To avoid credit card fees payments can be made by cash, cheque or e-transfer (

Does not include race registration

Fees are not pro-rated for late registration

*Includes annual membership to Russell Run Club/Athletics Ontario

Credit/Refund Policy:

Full refunds can be granted within 7 days of the start of a program. After the 7 day grace period and before the second session, refunds are subject to a $30 administrative fee to cover expenses.

Running is a high-impact sport and we acknowledge that injuries can happen. As running coaches working within our scope of practice is essential. This means that in the event of a suspected injury we will urge you to seek guidance from a medical professional to determine the appropriate next steps and when you can safely return to running.

Please note that if you withdraw from the program past the halfway point a refund cannot be provided. If something disrupts your training before the halfway point of the program you will be offered a full or partial credit for a future group program.


Request can be made to


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